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French Polynesia, Bora Bora island, Le Meridien beach

25 Best islands in Oceania

Ultimate guide (February 2019)

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French Polynesia, Bora Bora island, Le Meridien beach
Bora Bora is an atoll in the South Pacific, French Polynesia. Famous for its lagoon with overwater bungalows. The best beaches are locate… / read more » /
Rating: 9.7 (323 votes)

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Cook Islands, atoll Aitutaki, aerial view
Aitutaki is an atoll in the South Pacific (Cook Islands). This is an upscale destination, famous for it's aerial photo shots. Fortunatel… / read more » /
Rating: 9.4 (977 votes)
Easter Island, Moai statues
Easter Island (Rapa Nui) - Chilean island in the South Pacific famous for its Moai statues. Despite the moderate climate there are some good … / read more » /
Rating: 9.3 (245 votes)
Australia, Lizard Island, beach, boat
Lizard Island is the northernmost island of Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Tropical beaches, great snorkeling in the heart of the Great Bar… / read more » /
Rating: 9.1 (208 votes)
Fiji, Yasawa Islands, Nanuya Lailai island, Blue Lagoon beach
Yasawa Islands - a group of islands in Fiji. It's the most popular beach destination in the country. Quality of beaches and hotels considerabl… / read more » /
Rating: 9.1 (174 votes)
French Polynesia, Rangiroa atoll, motus
Rangiroa is an iconic atoll in French Polynesia. The beaches are beautiful, but not as good like Bora Bora. The problem is that the seab… / read more » /
Rating: 8.8 (151 votes)
Kiribati, Kiritimati island (Christmas Island), lagoon, aerial view
Kiritimati (Christmas Island) - one of the most unusual atolls in the Pacific Ocean. There is not one, but dozens of inland lagoons, which are quite differen… / read more » /
Rating: 8.8 (955 votes)
Vanuatu, Tanna island, locals
Tanna is an island with Mount Yasur being the main tourist attraction of Vanuatu. This is the most accessible active volcano in the w… / read more » /
Rating: 8.8 (93 votes)
Australia, Fraser island, Eli Creek
Fraser is the largest sand island in the world with some dunes higher than 200 meters. The island has no many beaches suitable for swi… / read more » /
Rating: 8.7 (146 votes)
Vanuatu, Pentecost island, Land diving
Pentecost is an island in Vanuatu famous for land diving performed by the locals, thus making ancient ritual. Men jump from a height of 2… / read more » /
Rating: 8.7 (75 votes)
Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo island, Port Olry Beach
Espiritu Santo is a large island in Vanuatu - with some of the best beaches in the country, including tiny island resorts. On the other hand, … / read more » /
Rating: 8.6 (42 votes)
Fiji, Mamanuca Islands, Tavarua island
Mamanuca Islands - a group of islands in Fiji. Together with Yasawa islands form the most popular chain of islands in the country with great bea… / read more » /
Rating: 8.6 (201 votes)
New Caledonia, Grande Terre island, Anse Vata
Grande Terre - the biggest and most interesting island of New Caledonia. Most tourists arrive and just stay here for the whole period of hol… / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (145 votes)
Fiji, Rotuma island, beach
Rotuma is a remote island in the north of Fiji. Local beaches are not the best in the country. It's worth to get here only for unique … / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (271 votes)
Hawaii, Maui isl, Keawakapu Beach
Maui is an island with the best beaches in Hawaii. These are even better than on the main island of Oahu. There are no active volcan… / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (213 votes)
Fiji, Viti Levu island, aerial view to Intercontinental hotel
Viti Levu - is the main island of Fiji. There is an international airport, as well as the largest cities in the country. Island beaches a… / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (326 votes)
Tonga, Haʻapai islands, beach
Ha'apai is a group of islands in Tonga, just to the north of the main island of Tongatapu. Unlike Tongatapu there are many beaches, whi… / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (134 votes)
Vanuatu, Rowa atoll, islet
Rowa (Reef islands) is a small uninhabited atoll in the north of Vanuatu. Such a formation is not typical for Oceania, but looks mor… / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (86 votes)
Australia, Cairns, Green island
Green island is an island of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) near the Cairns in Australia. It is the only one in the GBR with tropical rainfore… / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (207 votes)
French Polynesia, Moorea island, Temae beach
Moorea is the second most popular island in French Polynesia. It is like a more affordable kind of Bora Bora, - but the beaches are no… / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (89 votes)
Vanuatu, Ambrym island, volcano
Ambrym is an island representing the main features of Vanuatu - volcanoes and wild tribes. There are some of the most active volcanoes… / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (26 votes)
Mariana Islands, Saipan island, beach, palm over water
Saipan is the northern most of Mariana Islands, being the closest one to Japan. There are some good beaches, as well as many reminders… / read more » /
Rating: 8.4 (319 votes)
Fiji, Vatulele island, beach
Vatulele is an island located just south of the main island of Viti Levu in Fiji. The island has four villages, nice beaches and even so… / read more » /
Rating: 8.4 (143 votes)
Whitsunday Coast, Hamilton island, Catseye Beach
Hamilton is an island being the center of tourist life in the Whitsunday Coast of Australia. There are beaches, hotels, different attrac… / read more » /
Rating: 8.4 (51 votes)
Vanuatu, Aneityum, Mystery Island, beach
Aneityum is the southernmost of the large islands in Vanuatu. There are no beaches, but superb Mystery Island is located just nearby. As… / read more » /
Rating: 8.4 (50 votes)
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[2017-09-10] Zayn

Please add Palau entry. It has some pretty uninhabited islands. But it is not permitted to enter Rock Islands, as these are protected National Park.

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I've made some research about boat rental in Aitutaki. I was some options in the past, but boats we…

It is worth to write about Dravuni Island in Fiji. It has cruise ship tender dock, so many South Pa…

Tachogna beach is one of the best on Tinian island. And it is not wide known. So no crowd anytime. …

Laulau Beach is not good for swimming, but it's great for snorkelling and diving, as well as for su…

To save on food in Guam, I used Pay-Less supermarkets. Of course, it is best to stay in apartments …

Rotuma is a fantastic and unforgettable island. Would like to travel there again, if it wasn't so f…

I think that Rotuma is the most remote island of Fiji. And Lau is fantastic

Hawaii is the best stopover for a cheap connecting flights over the Pacific. There are no true low …

If buy air tickets to Bora Bora, when you are in Tahiti, fares will be about 30-40% cheaper in comp…

1. There are Kauri trees right in Auckland, but I'm not sure about the exact location. This is prob…

The ferry ride is dangerous, as the water is choppy. But flights can be cancealed or changed in dep…

Please add Palau entry. It has some pretty uninhabited islands. But it is not permitted to enter Ro…

Except for Aremiti ferry, there is also Terevau ferry from Tahiti to Moorea. It is a little cheaper…

1. Open Airlines and destinations section for: airport of Guam (GUM) and airport of Saipan (SPN) 2.…

Tonga is definetely much better, - both for attractions, as well as for local culture. As for beach…

There are no direct flights between Tahiti & China:…

What is the best island in Hawaii? Oahu?

1. Hostels or apartments with kitchen. 2. Buy all food at supermarket. 3. Rent a car and choose par…

Yes, it's possible to move by bicycle around Easter island. But distances are significant. So if yo…
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