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Kiritimati island (Christmas Island)

Kiritimati (Christmas Island) - one of the most unusual atolls in the Pacific Ocean. There is not one, but dozens of inland lagoons, which are quite different from each other. Most of them are totally unsuitable for swimming, but there are few lagoons with beautiful beaches. Most tourists come to Kiritimati for fishing, so beaches are always empty. Beach and seabed: sand, stones. [edit]
This island ranks #7 of the "Best islands in Oceania"
Rating: 8.8 - 574 votes [vote]
Coordinates: 1.86375, -157.36832

Hotels [edit]

There are several hotels near the airport. There are also many guesthouses in the inner lagoons, which often don't even have a website.

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How to get there [edit]

Fly to Kiritimati International Airport (CXI). Next take a taxi.

Keep in mind that planes from Fiji and from Honolulu fly the same day - once a week. So the minimum stay period in Kiritimati is a week.

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When to go [edit]

Any time of year except for April. This month is the most rainy.

Rainfall, mm
Rainfall, mm

Water temperature, C
Water temperature, C

Temperature, C
Temperature, C

Humidity, %
Humidity, %

Wind speed, meter/sec
Wind speed, meter/sec

Useful information [edit]

It was same nuclear explosions in Kiritimati many years ago, which still prevents mass tourism from developement. Nevertheless, now the risk of radiation exposure is minimal, even in the midst of an explosion.

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