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Malta Island

Malta Island is located in the Mediterranean Sea located to the south of Italy. Valletta is a beautiful town with unique architecture. The island has some of the best beaches in country. Unfortunately, Malta beaches are rather mediocre even by European standards. Shore and seabed: rocks, sand. [edit]
This island ranks #17 of the "Best islands in Europe"
Rating: 7.6 - 1121 votes [vote]
Coordinates: 35.895975, 14.436934

Hotels [edit]

There is a large number of hotels on the island, including cheap options. Most hotels are located in Valletta.

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How to get there [edit]

Fly to Malta International Airport (MLA). Next follow by a taxi or by bus.

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When to go [edit]

Summer half of the year, if the main purpose of your trip is a beach vacation.

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[2017-07-18] Mark

The shortest flight is about 16 hours including one connection stop in Turkey:


You may also think about ground transportation to Nairobi. Then fares will be cheaper:


[2017-07-18] Mukiibi david

How long does it take from uganda to malta islands

[2017-07-11] User

Look to the best beaches in Europe, and you will understand why Malta beaches are mediocre:


And if you look to the best beaches in the World, you will understand that all european beaches are mediorce :)


[2017-07-11] Michael

Hey buddy what do you mean about mediocre beaches I have been to Malta 4times and I can ashore you that their far from mediocre

[2016-03-12] User

Hi, Tom! It's rainy and cold today in Malta :) You'd better wait till April

[2016-03-11] tom

Hello how is malta today, i we like to visit malta how do i go about it.

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