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Malta Island, Valletta, Fort St. Elmo

3 Best islands in Malta

Ultimate guide (November 2019)


Malta Island, Valletta, Fort St. Elmo
Malta Island is located in the Mediterranean Sea located to the south of Italy. Valletta is a beautiful town with unique architecture. The i… / read more » /
Rating: 7.6 (3367 votes)

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Malta, Gozo island, Azure Window rock
Gozo is the second largest island of Malta. There are no good beaches, nor significant attractions - as the famous arch of The Azure… / read more » /
Rating: 6.8 (101 votes)
Malta, Comino island, clear water
Comino (Kemmuna) - small island with the best beach in Malta. / read more » /
Rating: 6.6 (472 votes)
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[2015-04-17] stan

In Malta it is best to stay at Valetta. Island distances are small, and you will easily get anywhere. As for Gozo I'm not sure. It's not more interesting than main Malta island.

[2015-04-17] Kirill

Hi! Where to choose hotel in Malta? Do I have to add Gozo, or it's not so interesting?

[2015-03-06] Son7

Luqa (MLA)

Sometimes it may be cheaper first flight to Italian Sicilia island and next take a ferry to Malta.

[2015-03-06] Zinna

What is the airport of Malta?

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