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French Polynesia, Bora Bora island, Le Meridien beach

10 Best islands in French Polynesia

Ultimate guide (September 2022)
French Polynesia, Bora Bora island, Le Meridien beach
Bora Bora is an atoll in the South Pacific, French Polynesia. Famous for its lagoon with overwater bungalows. The best beaches are locate… / read more » /
Rating: 9.7 (1380 votes)
French Polynesia, Rangiroa atoll, motus
Rangiroa is an iconic atoll in French Polynesia. The beaches are beautiful, but not as good like Bora Bora. The problem is that the seab… / read more » /
Rating: 8.8 (486 votes)
French Polynesia, Maupiti atoll, aerial view
Maupiti is an atoll in French Polynesia being a smaller copy of Bora Bora, but without luxury overwater bungalows. Beaches are good eno… / read more » /
Rating: 8.7 (177 votes)
French Polynesia, Taha'a atoll, aerial view
Taha'a is an atoll being nearest one to the southeast of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. The main island has no decent beaches at all. … / read more » /
Rating: 8.6 (60 votes)
French Polynesia, Moorea island, Temae beach
Moorea is the second most popular island in French Polynesia. It is like a more affordable kind of Bora Bora, - but the beaches are no… / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (298 votes)
French Polynesia, Huahine island, Avea Bay beach
Huahine is an island in French Polynesia being one of the closest to the capital island of Tahiti. Not to be confused with the popular … / read more » /
Rating: 8.4 (14 votes)
French Polynesia, Mai'ao island, beach, water edge
Mai'ao is a small island located near the major island of Moorea in French Polynesia. There are no beaches to speak of, since the bott… / read more » /
Rating: 8.3 (9 votes)
French Polynesia, Raiatea island, Nao Nao beach
Raiatea is an island in French Polynesia located not far from Bora Bora. The main island itself has no good beaches, nor outstanding at… / read more » /
Rating: 8.2 (33 votes)
Tahiti island, PK18 beach
Tahiti is the main island of French Polynesia. All international flights arrive to Papeete, so you'll spend some time here anyway. Mos… / read more » /
Rating: 8.1 (157 votes)
French Polynesia, Tupai island, two motus
Tupai is a small atoll located 20 km to the north of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. This is a private property, so this is probably a… / read more » /
Rating: 8.1 (353 votes)
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