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Kish island

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Kish - Iranian island in the Persian Gulf. The country makes great efforts for this island to compete with the best regional resorts. Beach itself here is even better than in Dubai. However, Muslim restrictions constrain massive influx of European tourists. Beach and seabed: sand. [edit]

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This island ranks #2 of the "Best islands in Iran"
Rating: 7.2 - 740 votes [vote]
Coordinates: 26.530919, 53.976562

Hotels [edit]

The island has many hotels, but they are poorly presented in international booking systems.

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How to get there [edit]

Fly to Kish International Airport (KIH). Next hire a taxi.

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When to go [edit]

The summer half of the year, as sea water is pretty cold here in winter.

Rainfall, mm
Rainfall, mm

Water temperature, C
Water temperature, C

Temperature, C
Temperature, C

Humidity, %
Humidity, %

Wind speed, meter/sec
Wind speed, meter/sec

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[2017-11-11] Walter

Please also look to Qeshm island. Its south coast has a lot of wild beaches with white sand. No locals at all! So theoretically, it is possible to swim in bikini for women. But don't go to the depth, as it is possible to met dangerous sharks.

+ Hormuz Island island is small and rather interesting.

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