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Saudi Arabia, Farasan islands, mangroves

Best islands in Saudi Arabia

Ultimate guide (October 2018)


Saudi Arabia, Farasan islands, mangroves
Farasan - a group of Saudi islands in the Red Sea. There are no many good beaches. Most of tourists go here for diving. / read more » /
Rating: 5.2 (549 votes)

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Saudi Arabia, Tarout island, fort
Tarout - island of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf. There are no good beaches, but there is an old Portuguese fort. / read more » /
Rating: 4.8 (208 votes)
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[2015-04-10] yota

You may become a Muslim. I'm not joking. I mean you may formally become a Muslim. Though I would not advice to do like that.

As for me I don't understand why non Muslims so want to get to Mekka after they know the rules. There are so many interesting places in the World!

[2015-04-10] Danny

Is it possible to visit Mekka and Medina, if I'm not a Muslim? I know that formally I can't, but is there some chances?

[2015-03-12] Terek

Sorry, but last years Saudi Arabia don't gives tourist visas. You can get to holy cities if you are Muslim. Also you can get to the country if you are going to exhibition related to your job.

[2015-03-12] Legolise

Is there touristic visas to Saudi Arabia?

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