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4 Mariana Islands

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Mariana Islands, Saipan island, beach, palm over water
Saipan - is the most northern of Mariana Islands and is closest to Japan. There are some good beaches, as well as many reminders of the World War II. Most tourists are from Japan. / read more » /
Rating: 8.4 (264 votes)

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Mariana Islands, Guam island, Tumon Bay
Guam is an island with the best beaches in the group of Mariana Islands. However, local beaches are not very good by the standards of Oceania. The most interesting attractions of Guam are monuments of World War II and beautiful nature. Most tourists here are from Japan. / read more » /
Rating: 8.1 (267 votes)
Mariana Islands, Rota island, lawn
Rota - is the smallest and the most intimate of the Mariana Islands. There are no many tourists, no notable attractions and only one good beach. Nevertheless the island is cozy, and many tourists like it. / read more » /
Rating: 7.8 (130 votes)
Mariana Islands, Tinian island, Taga beach
Tinian - is one of Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Local beaches are rather mediocre, but there is one killer attraction (in all means). This is airfield of Tinian island. It is the exact place where American planes with atomic bombs started their way to Japan in 1945. / read more » /
Rating: 7.3 (294 votes)
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[2017-08-10] Zayne

1. Open Airlines and destinations section for:

airport of Guam (GUM)


airport of Saipan (SPN)

2. Real low cost airlines are Jeju Air, Jin Air and T'way Airlines. And Cebu Pacific, but they fly to Manila only.

3. All of these have a lot of cheap flights from South Korea to Guam/Saipan (if book in advance).

4. The only Japanese destination of these is T'way Airlines flying from Osaka to Guam.

P.S.: Hong Kong Express have now cheap flights from Hong Kong to Saipan. But they plan to add a new route from Tokyo to Guam.

[2017-08-10] Maryjane

Is there any low cost airlines flying from Japan to Guam or Saipan? Thanx...

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