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Brazil, Fernando de Noronha islands, Cacimba do Padre beach, surfing

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Brazil, Fernando de Noronha islands, Cacimba do Padre beach, surfing
Fernando de Noronha - brazilian archipelago of islands in the Atlantic Ocean located to the south of the equator. There are some good beaches here. Also coast line is well suited for surfing. / read more » /
Rating: 8.0 (111 votes)

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Brazil, Santa Catarina isl, Ilha do Campeche beach
Santa Catarina is a popular tourist island in Brazil. The city of Florianopolis is a kind of "Ibiza" in Brazil. Great international crowd also includes notable LGBT community. The island has some good beaches, but most of these are rather mediocre by the Brazilian standards. / read more » /
Rating: 8.0 (22 votes)
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[2015-06-08] Alex

If someone wants to live in a tent in Brazil, I don't recomment. Camp sites are not common and they are rather expensive.

[2015-03-07] Cusak

Iguasu is better to see from Argentinian side. It will be more comfortable and cheaper. For example package boat tour by river will cost just from $30

[2015-03-07] Ilya

No matter dry or rainy season. I advice to hire a boat for river tour including visit to Iguasu falls. I think it may cost from 100 to 200 $

[2015-03-07] Menak

Is it worth to visit Iguasu Falls during a dry season?

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