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Greece, Santorini island

Best islands in Greece

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Greece, Santorini island
Santorini is the most beautiful island of Greece. White picturesque houses have great view to the sea. The most popular towns are Fira an… / read more » /
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Greece, Crete island, Falassarna beach
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[2017-12-27] Brinley

Antipaxos island has three great beaches on its north shore (incl. the only sandy beach of Vrika). These are the best in Greece for me - with white sand and smooth entry into the water. But its very overcrowded by locals during the weekends.

This is a daytrip destination, but it is possible to stay overnight in a tent. On the way back, the boat never check the ticket.

Don't take big boats, as they are slow and always overcrowded! The best is to take small boat (sea taxi) from the neighboring Paxos island (from Gaios town).

[2017-10-11] Mabel

I like Panormos beach in Skopelos. But, please, note, that the whole island has pebbly coast.

Alonnisos is undeveloped, so the nature is beautiful.

Skiathos island is not very interesting for me, but it has international airport with some budget airlines flying to.

[2017-10-11] Colleen

Please, help to choose an island in the Sporades:

- Alonnisos - seems to have beautiful beaches;

- Skopelos - seems to be the most optimal option;

- Skiathos - seems to be very busy in August.

Any ideas?

[2015-05-18] primus

Both islands are good, but in your case Euboea is more preferable.

[2015-05-18] Dimitry

Skopelos vs. Euboea? I'm trying to choose an island to travel from Athens for a week.

[2015-03-16] loren

There are beaches in Santorini, but they are not so good.

I recommend to travel around the island using local buses. They are cheap and has comfortable routes.

[2015-03-16] celine

Is there good beaches in Santorini?

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